Take good care of your Ford and it will do the same for you

When you first drove home a new or used Ford truck, SUV or sedan at Kerry Ford in Cincinnati OH, you made a wise investment. You can make that investment keep paying dividends by giving your vehicle the care and maintenance it needs at our trusted service center. That's where your Ford will get first-class treatment from Ford factory-trained technicians who know it inside and out.

Your top priority: Regular oil changes

We believe a regular oil and filter change is probably the single most important thing you can do to help your Ford live up to its reputation as you drive around Springdale or Fairfield OH. It's an affordable practice that can do a lot for your vehicle's long-term reliability. Draining the old oil in your Ford car, truck or SUV and replacing it with new is like giving an Olympic athlete a consistent regimen of healthy, nutritious food and regular exercise.

Your engine might be the hardest-working major component in your car. It consists of dozens of parts working in rapid motion in an environment of what can be extreme heat and constant motion. Engine parts can be worn down by friction, wear, dirt, grime and tiny metallic fragments. Your motor oil reduces the effects of friction while gathering grime and dirt to transport all the muck away from your engine components.

Oil changes: How often is often enough?

There was a time when experts recommended changing your car's engine oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. With today's more advanced synthetic oil, your Ford vehicle can go as long as 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes. If you log a lot of miles in the more concentrated urban areas of Cincinnati, OH, you might need oil changes a little more often. Talk to one of our service managers to see what interval is best for your vehicle.

Brakes and tires: Important safety areas that need regular attention

Your brakes are an obvious safety matter, but it's easy to forget about brake service until your vehicle sends you a warning signal, like audible squeaks when you step on the brake pedal. Before you hear that sound, ask us to check your brakes with every oil change. We can tell you when it's time to change your brake pads, which can help avoid replacing more expensive wear-out items, like your rotors.

Tires play a critical role since they're the components directly in contact with the road. Once again, we'll be happy to check your tires with every oil change. We can examine them for proper tread depth as well as premature or uneven wear. When your tires need replacement for safety's sake, we offer an excellent selection from 16 major brands like Michelin®, Dunlop, Goodyear, BFGoodrich® and Hankook.

Keep up appearances: Our Collision Center does outstanding body work

If you're ever involved in a collision, you have the right to pick your preferred collision center. Count on the experienced professionals at Kerry Collision Center to restore just about any vehicle to its stellar, pre-collision form. We'll provide a free loaner vehicle while your car is in our shop and we'll even pay $100 of your insurance deductible.

Save on the cost of high-level care

Before you visit us for service, check online for our parts and service coupons. Schedule a service appointment soon and lower your total cost of ownership with regular, expert service at Kerry Ford, not far from Hamilton and West Chester OH in Cincinnati, OH.