The Ford Maverick Outperforms The Competition

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The Ford Maverick - A Light-Duty Truck Offering More of What You Want than the Competition

Whether you want a cutting-edge and efficient hybrid powertrain, or the boost of a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the new Ford Maverick light-duty pickup at Kerry Ford has something in its lineup that you'll love. It's a stylish, smooth-riding truck that's perfect for drivers who love the style and versatility of a pickup bed, but who also enjoy the easy drivability of a small SUV.

The Ford Maverick is a unique model within the Ford family of pickups. It's the only one to offer a unibody style of construction, similar to your favorite SUVs, as opposed to models like the Ford Ranger and Ford F-150, which have traditional body-on-frame construction. Also, it's the only one to offer an efficient and capable hybrid engine standard, a great option for day-to-day commutes and family drives when you want to save gas and enjoy groundbreaking Ford craftsmanship.

Honda Ridgeline

Ford Maverick 
Hyundai Santa Cruz

Ford Maverick vs. the Competition

Not only is the Maverick a standout within its own lineup of pickup trucks, it's also your best choice among other models in its class. Need a little more information before deciding which one suits your needs? We've done our research, comparing the new Maverick to similar models from both Honda and Hyundai, and we've got the tidbits you're looking for:

Ford Maverick vs. Honda Ridgeline

  • Power and performance. Where the Honda Ridgeline doesn't give drivers a choice in how their pickup truck comes powered, the Maverick does. Our Ford truck has two great options available, depending on your needs and preference. Plus, the Ridgeline isn't available as a hybrid, meaning the Maverick is your best choice if you prefer the latest in hybrid engineering.
  • Fuel economy. Whether you have a long commute from Springdale, or a short one, the Ford Maverick can take you further on a tank of gas than the Honda Ridgeline. This is true regardless of whether you opt for the hybrid or turbocharged engine, too. For example, where the Ridgeline gets an EPA rating of 21 mpg combined, the Maverick with hybrid capability gets around 37-40 mpg combined, and the Maverick with turbocharged power earns around 26 mpg combined, both of which outshine the Honda model.

Ford Maverick vs. Hyundai Santa Cruz

  • Storage. One of the key characteristics that draws people to the pickup truck style of vehicle is the bed. With an open top and the ability to fit as much, or as little, as you want, a pickup bed can be helpful whether you're camping or moving. When you want the most space on your light-duty truck as possible, the Maverick is the better choice between these two. Where you can look forward to a bed that measures nearly 55 inches with the Ford, the Hyundai light-duty truck has a smaller bed that measures just 48 inches.
  • Interior space and comfort. Both of these compact models come in a four-door crew cab style with full-sized front and backseats. But the Ford Maverick offers West Chester drivers an interior that's both more spacious and more comfortable. You can look forward to more legroom with our Ford model, especially in the front seat.

Meet the New Ford Maverick in Person in Cincinnati

If you've been thinking about getting behind the wheel of a stylish and useful pickup, but you've been held back by the larger and imposing size of full-sized and heavy-duty models, the new Ford Maverick may be just what you're looking for. See it for yourself and discover what makes it a great addition both the Ford collection and the world of small pickups. We're conveniently located to both the Fairfield and Hamilton areas, and we look forward to introducing you to this exciting Ford model soon.